In gynecology and obstetrics, which are surgical disciplines, Vermione BETA cream has a very broad application. Th clinical response of stretch marks after application has been monitored at various workplaces for many years, and based on feedback provided to pregnant women and patients our experience can be considered comprehensive and convincing.

Stretch marks are variously extensive cracks in the skin, usually parallel in orientation and, brighter than the surrounding skin. They arise because of sudden weight increase, during which the skin is not able to adapt to the ensuing rapid growth of certain body parts. Pregnancy and puberty are typical examples of such situations. The most common sites of stretch marks include the abdomen, breasts, thighs and gluteal region. If they occur, they present a relatively difficult aesthetic problem which is costly to deal with. The prevention of stretch marks can therefore be assured by good preparation for the skin during pregnancy.

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It contains 8% active enzyme ingredient. Lubricating cream positively affects the elasticity and suppleness of the skin, simultaneously nourishing it. The cream is suitable for the skin disease eczema and psoriasis, bringing relief from itching without the use of steroids. It contains enzymes which fill the sunken layers of the skin and thus effectively acts on stretch marks, cellulite and orange peel skin during pregnancy and in other circumstances. It is also popular as an overnight skin cream.


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