Stretch marks (striae) are small skin defects generated by the splitting of elastic fibers in deeper skin layers. This occurs when skin can not cope with the tension generated by the growth of internal structures. Elastic fibers burst and create small grooves. Striae often occur in pregnant women, obese subjects, athletes, the elderly, and women using oral contraceptives. There are many ways to prevent the occurrence of stretch marks.

How does Vermione MILK help to prevent stretch marks?

Vermione MILK is developed and designed to prevent stretch marks, cellulite, and ‘orange peel’ skin. MILK is waterproof allowing the skin to absorb the necessary vitamins to fill sunken skin tissues and fat cells. The main role of MILK is to increase the elasticity and flexibility of the skin. For pregnant women, we recommend applying Vermione MILK to the skin around the belly from the fourth month of pregnancy until delivery to prevent the formation of stretch marks.

Recommended applications: 1-2x daily


Vermione regenerative nourishing MILK with bioactive enzymes. Intended for the treatment of large areas of skin, stretch marks, cellulite, and psoriasis.

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