Psoriasis, (psoriasis vulgaris in medical terminology) is a persistent and very uncomfortable skin disease which is characterized by the formation of exfoliated skin scales on various body parts. Although not life threatening, psoriasis is a substantial burden on sufferers, not only in terms of health, but principally because it clearly identifies and marks the sufferer out from the healthy population. Therefore, it is in the interest of every patient who suffers from psoriasis to consult an expert as soon as possible and start treatment. Psoriasis is not completely curable, but it can be treated, and its symptoms reduced.

How does Vermione BETA cream affects psoriasis?

Vermione BETA cream, which contains 8% of active enzymatic materials, was developed not only for treatment of the skin disease eczema, but also to treat psoriasis. As already mentioned, psoriasis is not easy to cure completely. Treatment of this affliction also depends on inner balance and lifestyle. Applying Beta cream suppresses itching, enlargement, scaling and peeling. There is then a reduction, and an alteration of the color of the inflaammation. BETA Cream is the perfect skin ointment, and not just for the surface of the skin.

Above all, as already mentioned, the enzymes within produce extrusion to the skin‘s surface. It does not suppress skin diseases, as is the case with corticosteroids. In the case of cracking it is recommended that BETA be applied in combination with Vermione STRONG cream, which heals cracked, bloody and inflamed skin. Both creams were tested in the PROSANUM sanatorium, which specialises in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis, with highly positive effects on afflicted patients.

Recommended application: 2-3 daily locally on the affected dry area


Thanks to its oily composition, Vermione Beta has a positive effect on the elasticity and smoothness of the skin, and also nourishes it. It has a beneficial effect on eczema and psoriasis, providing relief without the use of corticosteroids. It is an effective prevention of stretch marks, not only during pregnancy.

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