Corrective and reparative cream with bioactive enzymes

A strong restorative cream containing 25% of active enzyme ingredient, intended for the treatment of open wounds, postoperative scars, hematomas, varicose ulcers and hemorrhoids.



Due to its composition and high concentration of active ingredients, it works in a relatively short time (3-10 days), is effective on injured skin and has long-lasting results.


The enzymes contained in the STRONG cream accelerate the granulation of tissue, leading to accelerated healing. STRONG cream  also dissolves necrotic tissue is therefore suitable for application to hematomas.


Vermione STRONG is effective against a wide variety of skin diseases and all skin problems, requiring rapid and efficient healing of the skin tissue, whether they are the above mentioned burns, postoperative / postpartum scars, varicose ulcers or hemorrhoids. In addition STRONG cream is designed for patients suffering from psoriasis and should be applied to bleeding, inflamed or cracked skin. In this case, we recommend using it in combination with Vermione BETA cream.


Corrective and reparative cream with bioactive enzymes

  • corrective and reparative Vermione STRONG cream contains enzymes designed to rapidly improve the condition of damaged or injured skin.
  • Cares for skin prone to varicose ulcers.
  • It is also suitable for hemorrhoids, post-operative / post-partum and post-traumatic wounds and scars
  • Due to the high proportion of active substance (25%) it produces rapid and long-lasting improvement of the condition of damaged skin
  • Due to its composition it acts as an antiseptic, and combats infections.
  • Causes granulation in the formation of new tissue, which also dissolves necrotic tissue
  • Recommendation: Apply the cream vigorously for a maximum of 10 days after a required restorative pause of five days. During the application and the break apply Vermion BETA cream
  • The cream is packed in a special vacuum container with an airtight seal that will ensure complete consumption of the contents inside the package of the cream.
  • pH: 5,0 – 7,0
  • Concentration of active substance: 25%
  • Recommended application: 1-2x daily
  • Not tested on animals
  • Contents: 50 ml
  • The active ingredient: enzymes derived from an extract from Californian earthworms.


Therapeutic use of preparations of Vermione STRONG. In obstetric and gynecological surgery it is recommended for the treatment of all types of surgical wounds. They include classic wounds after abdominal surgery and caesarean section, after endoscopic procedures and episiotomies and injuries that occur in connection with vaginal births. In episiotomies is better to treat any part s of the wound which extend into the vaginal opening.

Proven process for treating fresh wounds: is use Vermione STRONG at the beginning. This preparation is not suitable for long term application. To support the initial healing of fresh wounds its use is recommended for a maximum of 10 days. It is very effective in keeping clean and seal cuts. It is applied directly to the wound from the second postoperative day, 2 times a day, typically for 5-7 days. After the application of Vermione STRONG the treatment continues with Vermione BETA cream. It is recommended that the wound treated 3-4 times a day. The cream is applied to the state for at least a satisfactory wound healing; Preferably, however, a period of several weeks exceed, the result is a soft uncoloured subtle scar at the site of previous wound.

Some patients and mothers may try advantageously preparations Vermion to treat already healed wounds with Vermion preparations. This applies mainly to healed episiotomies after vaginal deliveries, which are often a source of unpleasant feelings of tension, stress and even pain during intercourse or defecation. Applications may be made to soften and release the scar. In the same way, but you can try to affect the scars on the abdominal wall and elsewhere.


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