The skin forms a natural barrier between the external environment and our bodies. It is physical barrier which prevents the penetration of various substances or microbes into the body skin tissue. The sweat that is excreted by the skin has an acid pH and contains substances which destroy microbes and immunologic recovery substances, because the skin is a part of the body’s defenses – many microbes which are beneficial to us live on it, which prevents the establishment and spread of pathogenic microbes. If the skin is broken, our ability to defend against external influences is reduced. The most common form of skin disorders is desiccation.

How does Vermione cream work on dry skin?

Vermione creams are in the form of an ointment, which represents an essential ingredient for the moisturizing and lubricating properties of the cream. It contains enzymes which restore immunity and nourish skin cells that produce skin sweat and sebum in adequate and sufficient quantities to prevent drying of the skin.

Recommended application: 2-3x daily locally to the affected dried sites or as desired.


Moisturizing, regenerative and protective cream with bioactive enzymes. It helps to smooth out wrinkles. Provides optimal hydration of dry skin. Effectively corrects red veins, pigmentation and rosacea.

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