Vaginal mycosis is an inflammatory disease of the vagina caused by fungal organisms – yeast manifested initially by itching, burning, or redness of the genitals. Most often it is Candida albicans, and therefore this disease also called candidiasis. Yeast infection is a very common and approximately 75% of women see it at least once in their lifetime. About 50% of these women repeatedly and 20% chronically suffer from this disease, therefore the long term. Yeast causing mycosis , in a certain amount are naturally found in conjunction with other bacteria in the vagina. They are part of the normal vaginal environment and presents no problems. Problems occur only when a plague when there is a violation of balance and vaginal mycosis arises manifesting typical difficulties. Another risk factor is diabetes, and also excessive consumption of sugars. The emergence of mycosis also cause incorrect hygiene both insufficient and excessive, such as frequent vaginal irrigation. Unsuitable is also tight synthetic underwear, tight clothes and wet bathing suits that create a warm, moist environment, thus making it prone to infection. When injury such as vaginal intercourse also increases the risk of fungal.

Mycosis of the penis is an inflammatory disease that may affect acorn, as well the foreskin. Mycosis of the penis may arise from different causes as poor hygiene, weakened immunity or may arise by transmission during sexual intercourse. Mycosis of the penis is manifested by itching, burning or pain acorn and consequently may appear red spots or blisters. Treatment, however, is simple and it is necessary to treat both partners.

How does the Vermione GEL eliminate mycosis?

In the case of vaginal fungal infections, yeast infections, discharge, itching or burning is recommended the application of Vermione GEL. Antiseptic gel is designed precisely for these diseases. Apply according to the extent of inflammation locally on the surface of the vagina and vaginal opening to the mucosa, and in case of major difficulties apply Vermione GEL to gynecologic swab and insert in the vaginal opening as well as during menstruation.

Mycosis of the penis has similar symptoms, apply for its treatment Vermione GEL. Apply the gel on the acorn and foreskin.

Due to years of experience in cooperation with gynecologists and our customers we can recommend Vermione GEL as a lubricant. This application is particularly suitable as a prevention for new sexual partnerships, when gel regulates PH on the mucous membrane and thus can prevent the initial inflammation.

Recommended applications: According difficulties 1-3x daily the vaginal entrance or in larger inflammation introduce a swab mucosa.


Antiseptic and drying gel with bioactive enzymes suitable for cold sores, shingles, acne, oily skin, fungal diseases, vaginal mycosis, and vaginal herpes.

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