With Vermione products I discovered that there are other ways to try to treat psoriasis and partially improve its condition without the use of corticoid. I began to use Vermione Beta regularly in the evening and and Alpha Vermion during the day. Initially, the condition of the psoriasis deteriorated slightly and after about 10 days the condition improved, peeling stopped and the inflammation became lighter. The only inconvenience was the frequent itching, which I consider the individual response of the organism. Sometimes it is good to have a break in the use of the product and, for example, after 14 days, or months to deploy it again. I definitely recommend Vermione.



I have just had breast enlargement surgery and the doctor advised me to use Vermion STRONG cream to heal my scars. I am very happy. The Vermione clinic advised me to apply BETA cream in combination with this cream. At first I did not understand the reason for this. I thought that one only needed STRONG. Then my consultant explained that the cream has a large number of strong active ingredients and can be applied twice daily for one month and that I should apply Beta at night as the cream has an oil base and, since it contains less of the active ingredient, is suitable for skin regeneration. I am very happy – my scars are healing beautifully and you can see that the creams really work.



I asked was wondering what could be used for psoriasis in the ear canal. I got a tip that I should use Vermion Beta, which I started to apply for the first time four days ago. The oozy cracks calmed down several hours after application and the pain and itching subsided. I feel a significant improvement. At the same time I applied the cream to red patches around my nose, eyebrows, beard and hair. I will not exaggerate the effect, but after shaving I usually get bright red spots on my skin but they were less painful. I do not claim that they have completely disappeared, but they were much closer to normal skin color. It’s just a pity it can‘t be obtained on prescription. So I want to thank you and everyone who encouraged me to try Vermion cream.


I got a tip from counseling to cream Vermione BETA that I started four days ago for the first time to apply. The oozy cracks several hours after application calmed down and the pain and itching subsided. I feel a significant improvement. At the same time I applied the cream on red patches around the nose and eyebrows, beard and hair. I will not exaggerate the effect, but after shave originally bright red spots on the skin calmed down. I do not claim that it completely disappeared, but they are much suppressed to normal skin color. Just a pity it can not write a prescription. This I want to thank you and everyone simultaneously who enabled me to try the cream Vermione.



I am very happy with Vermion. I have suffered from psoriasis for ten years and I can say that it really helps. I have been applying either Vermion Alfa cream by itself, or in combination with Vermion Beta for about fourteen days. After about two days, I was relieved of the unpleasant itching and shortly afterwards clear progress was visible. Now, after two weeks the inflammation has subsided. I firmly believe that I will soon get rid of the psoriasis completely. In due time, I will of course inform you whether I have been indeed finally freed from this unpleasant skin disease. Thank all of you who are involved in this product. I wish you good health and wellbeing.



As I have suffered from psoriasis over my entire body since I was 15, and especially in autumn, we have been looking for a new treatment , besides conventional corticoid preparations. I must say that I am happy to make my feelings known after the application of your product. We ordered Vermio Alpha, Beta and the stronger version, Vermion Strong for varicose ulcers, on approval. Since my whole body is affected, it is a pity that the package contained such small quantities which have, within a few weeks, unfortunately, been consumed. My experience has been very positive, the pustules faded, and at least as much worry in regard to scaling and itching. I was very happy. I first applied the strongest version of your product, and then the weaker ones with a lower extract content. But I must point out that psoriasis is primarily a psychological condition and any stress or viral infection cause an immediate response in the organism and in my opinion these are only cosmetic products which make this disease at least somewhat bearable. Each psoriatic responds to different treatment.



My experience with Vermione. I have had psoriasis for 50 years and on quite a large scale, so I just used Vermione on my face and  upper limbs. In the morning I used Vermione ALFA, Vermion Beta at night after a bath. The psoriasis hasn’t disappeared, but it is much less troublesome, my facial skin seems finer and my spots are no longer flaking. I wish you many more creative ideas.



For a long time I have suffered from cold sores and I almost never manage to catch them in time, so that I could use, for example, Zovirax, which helps only in the initial stage. I tried Vermione GEL and I am very happy. The cold sores immediately stopped itching and I was able to use the gel at any stage. I applied it twice a day and since the first day I have been very content.



A month has passed since I first tried your product Vermion Alfa and I can, as I promised, tell you my findings. I was really pleasantly surprised with its effects. Soon after the first application the skin on my face no longer felt tight and disappeared the uncomfortable tension immediately disappeared. The skin hydrated and supple. The product does not leave an oily sensation, like most other creams. After a few days the dry red spots and fine wrinkles around my eyes also disappeared. Yesterday my hairdresser complimented me on having nice smooth skin. So I am recommending your cosmetics to my friends. I think that your beauty treatment is one of the few that really works and lives up to what you write on your site. I am 100% satisfied and can recommend your product. In conclusion, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to try these is wonderful cosmetics.


Hello. I am satisfied with Vermione products. After applicationthe skin is cool and soft.


Hello. Your creams are the best thing I have ever come across. My friend has a shop in Sumperk, where they are available. I bought ALFA and BETA. I am 39 years old and am getting younger before my own eyes.

Mirka Zagozdová


I am very happy with BETA cream. It’s nice, it smells nice and has had a noticeable effect on my complexion. I have a clear complexion, clean and smooth. Furthermore, I use Strong cream on my scars and psoriasis, always produces visible improvement. I am very satisfied and I thank the Vermion team.

Alena Závěrková

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