Cellulite is an aesthetic malady manifesting in bumpy skin primarily on the buttocks and thighs. Because of its appearance it is sometimes also referred to as orange peel skin. Cellulite is the result of an increase in the volume of the subcutaneous fat cells, which are pushed against the skin surface, thus creating unsightly dimples, reminiscent of the structure of orange peel. In areas affected by cellulite the flow of blood and lymph is seriously restricted.

How does Vermione Milk eliminate cellulite?

Vermione MILK was developed and designed to treat stretch marks, cellulite and orange peel skin. It is not soluble in water, which means that throughout the day the skin can take in the necessary vitamins to fill sunken skin tissues and fat cells. It is easily applied and its main role is to increase the elasticity and flexibility of the skin. It disrupts necrotic fat tissue, which leads to the formation of cellulite.

Recommended applications: 1 – 2x daily


Vermione regenerate nourishing milk with bioactive enzymes. Intended for the treatment of large areas of skin, stretch marks, cellulite and psoriasis.

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