Scars are formed after injuries to the skin. When deeper skin layers are injured, the wound first scabs over. After some time, the wound heals and in the place of the scab remains a scar. The appearance of scars can be divided into three groups: hypertrophic, atrophic, and keloid. Postoperative scars arise after most surgeries. It is necessary to ensure that the surgical wounds close up properly. The healing process begins every time cells are damaged. The wound forms a blood clot, which hardens and becomes a scab, which acts to protect the healing skin. When the upper layers of the skin are injured, they heal without leaving any discernible mark.

How does Vermione STRONG cream work on scars?

A proven process for treating fresh wounds: at the beginning, use Vermione STRONG. This cream is not intended for long-term application. To support the initial healing of fresh wounds, STRONG is recommended for a maximum of 10 days. It is very effective in keeping the wound clean and sealed. STRONG is applied directly to the wound from the second postoperative day onwards, 2x’s daily, typically for a period of 5-7 days. As a follow-up treatment after the application of Vermione STRONG, continue with rich Vermione BETA cream. BETA is recommended to treat the wound and the surrounding areas 3 – 4x’s a day. This combinatin of treatment will produce a satisfactory healing of the wound. If the treatment is continued for several more weeks, the result is a soft colourless subtle scar on the site of the wound.

Some patients and mothers may advantageously continue to apply Vermione creams to already healed wounds, such as healed episiotomies after vaginal deliveries, which are often a source of unpleasant feelings of tension, stress and even pain during intercourse or defecation. Applications can be made to soften and soothe the scar. Scars on the abdominal wall or elsewhere may be treated in the same manner.

Recommended applications: 10 days application of STRONG cream 3-4 times daily, then BETA cream 2-3 times per day.


STRONG repair cream containing 25% of active enzyme ingredient, intended for treatment of open wounds, postoperative scars, hematomas, varicose ulcers, and haemorrhoids.

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