An enzyme is a specific organic molecule which accelerates reactions in organisms (acting as a biocatalyst). They allow progress of the reaction at relatively low temperatures, neutral pH, and atmospheric pressure, which are commonly found in organisms.

In biological systems, there are numerous different types of reactions. Attempts to replicate them outside the living system (i.e. in vitro) have revealed that the rate is significantly lower. The reactions take place in vivo (in the body), a hundred to a million times faster than the same reaction in vitro. A substantial reason for the reaction is the existence of specific catalysts – enzymes. They allow the progress of reactions (temperature, pH, etc.) which would not otherwise occur in the human body.

A catalyst is a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction, but does not alter the chemical balance (it only shortens the time the reaction takes). In the chemical reaction, the enzyme molecule is not consumed.



It contains enzymes which penetrates the bottom layer of the skin and are activated when in contact with the damaged skin tissue. The skin tissue is supplied with necessary vitamins and strengthens immunity.


The enzyme is a simple fusion protein. One of its most important functions is acceleration of the healing process of cells in the human body. Enzymes are essential to the functioning of the human body, therefore, the use in cosmetics provide highly effective results.


Enzyme treatment process are used as an alternative to corticosteroids and are known to produce extrusion of damaged and dead cells toward the skin surface, which is clear proof of the positive effect and recovery of enzyme action.


The Vermione formula and production technology are entirely new. This has made it possible to create a wide variety of highly active substances, which together, under normal conditions, react very quickly so that, at room temperature the active substance remain for a full 24 hours. The bioactive extract Vermione was obtained from Californian earthworm by unique patented technology which achieved stabilization of those substances, at temperatures above 50 ° C. The extract also has a very high absorbency level on undamaged skin, and decomposes dead skin, without harming healthy cells, but ctually nourishing them.

In the context of clinical studies in the sanatorium PROSANUM, led by Professor MUDr. Frantisek Novotny, DrSc., it has proven a highly effective treatment for psoriasis, eczema, acne, herpes, neoplasia cortex, moles, scar tissue, burns, non-healing infected wounds (diabetic pressure ulcers, venous ulcers.), swelling, bruising, and poorly healing postnatal defects and HPV infection. In recent years, Vermione bioactive extract was successfully applied in the treatment of hemorrhoids, when it was demonstrated that its effectiveness is  comparable to surgical intervention. This extract provides the framework for further studies and research into an even wider range of possibilities for its use.


Other active substances contained in creams Vermione have their specific activity on the organism. Complexons essential amino acids in the appropriate composition are the initiators of hyperfunction of endocrine glands, especially pituitary gland which is catalytically provoked to increased production of neurohormones, especially a series of endorphins.
These neurohormones act on the CNS, as well as natural tonic, which explains the application of substantial relaxation, disposal of depressive states of insomnia, fatigue and the like. At the same time products pituitary are control power system of the whole organism through neurohumoral apparatus body so enzymes provide compensation energy potentials in the individual control bodies integral organism.
This effect is compared to an internal reflexoterapii and brings a harmonizing effect on the function of internal organs. This explains the effect of the extract on blood pressure equalization, the stabilization of blood picture, increased muscle tone and increase in recent memory. Similarly oligopeptide complexons initiates increased function of the thymus gland, which produces T-cells and also the spleen, which delivers the blood B cells, both of which form one of the basic components of the defense system of the organism. This factor is critical in relatively rapid increase in the immune response of skin tissues of an organism. Another component of creams Vermione which arises biotechnological preparation of basic raw materials are phospholipids which systemization immunogens mediators and relevant preparations are characterized by a group of surfactants acting membrane-toxic. Membrane-toxicity of the agglomerate of phospholipids involves the blocking of passageways lipoprotein membrane / receptors / cell and thereby form a barrier in nutrition and oxygen supply to the cells.
It is an immune response such as bacterial, viral, etc.. Infestation cell damage by immune mediators die. Polypeptide component falls to a group of performers set start immunological response. Inlet and thus modified organism acceptable proteins elicit antigens which function as a defense system against the organism pathology. Moreover, when using Vermione demonstrated in blood significant content lysoxinu, which leads to the consideration that the oligo-peptides, along with other products in Vermione contained, as the cornerstones of the creation of this “non-specific antibiotics” are the initiators of the formation, thus creating the organism other factor strengthening the defense response of the body against external noxae.
Suitably organically bound Fe ++ generated by decomposition of porphyrin chains on the pyrrole nucleus and the cation Fe ++, enhances blood pool between the bone marrow and spleen, thus improving hematopoiesis. Low molecular weight polypeptides effect on the regenerative capacity of cellular systems exhibit extremely accelerated action hojivostí traumatic and postoperative conditions. The function and performance of the enzymes, glycoproteins, and other substances contained in the extract Vermione has already been extensively described in a large amount of technical works and studies.
Vermione contains several substances, based on enzymes, antibiotics, hormones etc., Which have so far failed to specify, but which can assume a significant synergistic effect. All these factors extract a characteristic Vermione polyvalence importance of his work and the distinguishing features of its nonspecific the effects of the state of the organism.
This is also the reason for the differing effects from its use, which is best capturing his tenure as harmonizing and preventive, since it sets the body in shape and improves immunity as such. The indisputable advantage of long-term application both in terms of psychological and therapeutic and preventive its seamless compatibility, non-toxicity, efficacy and regulatory immunomodulatory properties associated with improving the condition of the body.

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