Skin lifting and acne removal

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Vermione GHA Anti-Aging Serum

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Vermione GHA Anti-Aging Serum

The lifting product, which restores and regenerates all dead cells in the subcutaneous tissue, immediately turns off deep wrinkles and brightens your skin!

Application: Using a pipette, apply a thicker layer of serum to the affected areas – around the eyes, forehead, glabel, nasal grooves, whole face, neck or décolleté. Leave on for 20 minutes. Within one minute, the treated area begins to turn off until it hardens. Perform mimic exercises after about 15 minutes. The formed crust cracks slightly and the serum is even more incorporated into the subcutaneous tissue. Then rinse with water. During the period of action, the serum penetrates the subcutaneous tissue, where it performs the most important function. For another 24 hours, the serum actively fills depressions caused by aging, lack of water in the subcutaneous tissue and loss of collagen.

Then apply the antiseptic gel topically to the problematic (acne) skin of Vermione Gel.
Recommended application: 1-2 times a day


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