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Vermione Beta

Atopic eczema. The result of the treatment course – the first photo 3.6.2019 second 7.6.2019 and third photo taken 2.7.2019. Vermione Beta cream applied.

Vermione Beta + Gel

Atopic eczema. The result after a week of first lubrication. Applied Vermione Beta and Vermione Gel

Vermione Strong

Psoriasis. Applying Vermione Strong and Beta 1 month creams.

Vermione Strong + Gel

Skin dermatitis and acne. Apply Vermione Strong + Gel for one week.

Vermione Beta

Eczema in 4th Month Infant. Apply Vermione Beta cream for 3 days.

Vermione Alfa

Eczema in 4th Month Infant. Apply Vermione Alfa cream for 3 days.

Vermione Strong + Vermione Beta

Before and after the 14-day application of Vermione Strong Cream. A developmental defect in the hand when the spindle bone is missing on the poorly formed wrist and lacks a functional thumb. The operation was due to stretching and straightening the hand.

Vermione Strong + Vermione Gel

Boiling water burn. The result after three weeks of Vermione Gel with Strong.

Vermione Strong

Burn oil. Vermione strong + Vermione Gel creams applied. The result after 14 days.

Vermione Strong

Psoriasis. Apply Vermione Strong cream for 14 days.

Vermione Strong

On the Internet, they wrote that garlic and cottage cheese were used for bronchitis. And then, an hour’s allergic reaction, including burns. Miss began to erase Vermione Strong and here is the result 4 days after the first application.

Vermione Beta

Eczema. Applied cream Vermione Beta 4 days.

Vermione Strong

Applied for 3 days

Vermione Strong

Applied for 7 days

Vermione Beta + Vermione Strong

Applied for 14 days

Vermione Gel

Treatment of cold sores 3 days

Vermione Strong + Vermione Gel

Treatment of sunburn for 3 days

Vermione Strong

Treatment of burns

Vermione Strong

Treatment of hematoma 2 days

Vermione Strong

Treatment after a fall from the wheel – The first two photos in 4 days from the first grease. Total result in 3 weeks.

Vermione Strong

Postoperative scars – 5 days after applying Strong cream, the wound is cleaned. Subsequent calming and withdrawal after 10 days.

Vermione Gel and Milk

Baby nappy after one application

Vermione Strong

Open leg – 3 months from first application

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