Antiseptic and drying GEL with bioactive enzymes.

Effective against: cold sores, shingles, acne, oily skin, fungal diseases, vaginal mycosis, and vaginal sores.



Due to its composition it contains enzymes which have an antiseptic effect and fight against infections. It acts as a curative and preventive gel.


Vermione GEL helps dry out the affected area and prevents blistering and swelling. It not only addresses the consequences but effectively eliminates the root causes and stops recurrent viral of disease.


It is not only for acne, herpes or fungal infections. Vermione GEL soothes the skin after shaving or other, similar causes of irritation.


Antiseptic and drying gel with bioactive enzymes

  • Designed to improve skin condition and reduce the incidence of cold sores and acne.
  • In the presence of herpes at any stage Vermione GEL should be applied several times a day. It is suitable for festering wounds, which the gel dries out.
  • It takes care of acne and oily skin. It soothes the skin and complexion after shaving.
  • Its composition has a soothing and antiseptic effect, depending on the hydration of the skin, accompanied by a cool feeling. But does not involve skin lubrication nor humidification. On the contrary, the effect of the enzyme prevents blistering and swelling. The presence of lysoxin and other active ingredients ensures effective suppression of manifestations of herpes and acne.
  • The Gel is recommended by gynecologists for the external genitals in the presence of yeast infections, herpes and vaginal mycosis.


  • pH: 5.0 to 7.0
  • The active ingredient concentration: 4%
  • Recommended application: 1-2x daily
  • Not tested on animals
  • Contents: 50 ml
  • Light apricot fragrance
  • The activeingredient: enzymes derived from an extract from Californian earthworms.


We recommend using the gel for problems with acne, cold sores and skin infection during shingles. Vermione GEL is antiseptic and cares for acned skin at any stage. We recommend GEL be applied to the damaged skin several times a day , or in combination with Vermion ALFA. Vermione GEL is also suitable for shaving rash (not only on the face but also on the genitals). This product is effective against the eruption of pustules. Vermione GEL can be applied as a supportive agent in the treatment of genital herpes.

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